Crime Fiction or Comedy Drama?

Gullak, Pitchers, Aspirants, Modern Love, Masaba Masaba- Maybe some of you guessed what they are! They are lively, good humor and well-written web series streaming on various OTT platforms that have left positive imprints on our hearts.

Mirzapur, Patal Lok, Sacred Games, Squid Games- You guessed them right too! They are also web series launched on OTTs but they showcased a dark ugly world of abusive language, compromising scenes, and many other dark elements that have left the audience bewildered and somehow turned them into rude critics.

Famous Web Series

Today, web series makers are in the rat race of showcasing darkness in the name of hard-to-digest reality. But is this really organic or well-crafted? Let me tell you my true feelings when I see even the trailers of these kind of shows- Our life is already overbrimmed with tensions and challenges. Over that, when we want to relax our nerves and crave something light-hearted TV shows, we have to scroll back to our oldies to feel pleasant as new ones have the potential of aggravating our pain. (Some of out might get offended or give me free advice, But you are welcome!)

Being a content writer and voracious reader, I believe that our thoughts, beliefs, and expressions are heavily molded by the content we consume. Here I wish to share my real-time experience. Yesterday I was feeling very low and out of love. After scrolling Instagram for a few minutes, I got bored and was anguished. But, suddenly I came to know Modern Love in Mumbai Season 2 has launched. After watching Episode 1 only, I was so full of life and dancing in joy. That 40 minutes episode turned my mood upside down.

Though I respect everybody’s opinions and I believe I am no one to suggest what to watch and what to boycott. But, I just want to suggest that if everybody is watching dark series and you are feeling out of the place, don’t watch them just to be a part of the conversation. Try some new genres and happy-go-lucky TV shows. Motivate people by giving them some good suggestions to watch the series that can actually charge you up.

Tadaaa! Stay happy! Stay Alive!



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Tarulika Jain

Tarulika Jain


Latest technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and many more amuse my mind to read and my fingers to write.