Divide Between Two India

Tarulika Jain
3 min readMay 29, 2022


“Writer’s mind is never free”- It's the story of every writer and I do fall in the same category. Although, words, thoughts, expressions, and threads kept hovering in my mind, but this time I thought to storify them.

I was walking in the streets of Sec 18, Noida, and murmuring to myself about the “Diversified India” I was experiencing there.

Firstly, I went to Atta Market, Noida, India. I was amid the heavy crowd and struggling to find my way to get into the shop. On one hand, it was challenging to cross that maze of people and on the other, it was overwhelming to hear the crossover voices. Busy narrow streets, heavily packed shops, and overcrowded byways. I was amused, thrilled, and confused to see that market has everything that a human needs on daily basis.

After calming my nerves a little and thoroughly observing people around me, I realized that people — both buyers and sellers are here to fulfill their needs. Sellers were endlessly trying to convince people and selling their things, no matter how big or small they were. On the other hand, buyers were continuously bargaining with full energy to save their every penny. But, it was undeniable that there was a sense of achievement on both faces when something is purchased on market.

I realized again how important money is. How it can buy happiness! For me, it was not only the congested Atta market but the place where you can feel a sense of achievement when every need is fulfilled. Moreover, it is a place that defines the particular segment of India who fights daily to fulfill their needs and save every penny to spend judiciously.

After completing my observation and buying a few things from one side, we crossed the divider and went to the other side of Sec 18. I was familiar with this side. Broad roads, branded showrooms, neon lights, sophisticated people, and hundreds of cars and bikes.

On this side of the road, people were not rustling but roaming and chilling around to feel the ‘vibes’ of the streets. No salesman was standing outside the showroom for dragging people inside. On the contrary, people are coming gradually from stores either barehand or with an eco-friendly bag filled with things or two. There was a subtle expression on each face.

People were buying things that are making them feel good or helped them to keep up with their status. Moreover, they were trying to vibe with the place but they seemed to be trapped in the conversations about high petrol prices, changing political structure, the economy of Russia, and everything happening across the world. People were trying to enjoy their weekends.

Here, I realized people are having enough to fulfill their needs but they are creating new needs. It was not just a branded market, but a place encouraging people to earn more to spend more. A place where it hardly matters to spend thousands in one go. Thus, it was another segment of India who don’t hesitate to spend and strives to make “life” better and richer.

That day, I concluded that the divider of Sec 18 of Noida was not just a structure to segregate traffic but literally a divide between two India, where one side of India is living and the other is enjoying.

If you ever get the chance to visit Noida, do experience the chaotic and vibrant India in Noida Sec 18.



Tarulika Jain

Latest technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and many more amuse my mind to read and my fingers to write.