Quick Tips to Earn from Bitcoins

Can Bitcoins Really Make You A Billionaire?

Tips To Become A Bitcoin Billionaire

Inspiring Stories Of A Bitcoin Billionaires

Some of the stories are associated with regular people who had made fortunes in crypto and became the Bitcoin Billionaires in no time by investing at the early stage of the launch of Bitcoin. These stories are primarily making the pans and shovels in the digital gold rush. You can also be lucky enough if you buy Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies today and the prices gradually emerge in the future (most probably they would emerge!).

  1. Erick Finman (Bitcoin millionaire kid): In 2011, Erick borrowed $1000 from his grandmother to invest in a nascent stage currency, Bitcoin worth $12 per BTC. In the span of just two years, he became the youngest kid to earn massive profits when Bitcoin hit $1200.
  2. Winklevoss Brothers: Twins were the earliest investors who earned the massive millions with the new groundbreaking technology-based Bitcoins.
  3. Peter Saddington: Peter bought the coins when the BTC was only $3 per coin back in 2011 and sold them when the Bitcoin hit the price charts with $5500 within a few years earning a profit of almost 250,000%. Being a computer engineer and mathematic enthusiast, he said that an algorithm can never sink your money.
  4. Charlie Shrem: Charlie started as one of the first places to accept Bitcoin payments when Bitcoin was worth $3–4, slowly he had thousands of coins till the price reached $20. Later on, he expanded his business and now serves as one of the exchange platforms with a worth of multi-millions.



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Tarulika Jain

Tarulika Jain


Latest technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and many more amuse my mind to read and my fingers to write.